Bob Berkowitz invested his passion for effective, powerful, and persuasive communications to build a storied career in media. He was a White House correspondent for CNN, a reporter for ABC News, the “Today” show, and a talk show host for CNBC.

Today, Bob is a globally recognized communications trainer. His work involves helping clients—be they business executives, authors, or government leaders—to create compelling, memorable messages about who they are, what they stand for and why others should care. He then coaches them to communicate those messages clearly and persuasively.

Through his decades of experience, Bob has successfully prepared his clients for television appearances, keynote speeches, investor days, on-stage interviews, sales presentations, entrepreneurial pitches, and campaign communications. He encourages clients to take charge of media interviews rather than respond passively to questions.

His presentation training principles help create more dynamic, attention grabbing and memorable communicators – regardless of their prior speaking experience. He has also sharpened the interviewing skills of executives who were tasked to find out what customers really think about the company, and its products and services. Political candidates both overseas and in the U.S. have gained tremendous knowledge on how to ace media interviews, make outstanding speeches, and successfully do “The Ask.” Doctors in several hospitals learned from Bob how to better communicate with patients, nurses and fellow physicians. He has worked with countless entrepreneurs to help them make their case to investors, customers, and prospective employees.

Bob is the recipient of an Overseas Press Club award for his reporting and a journalism citation from The Freedom Foundation.

Bob and his wife, Susan Yager, and their dog Watson and cat DJ live and work in Manhattan and the East End of Long Island.